Welcome to Scotia-Glenville's Blackboard Connect notification system!

Please log in to view your information or click Sign Me Up! to create an account.  The information included here is from the school district's student management system, PowerSchool.

We are able to send you messages using your telephone number, email and cell phone/text. 

By viewing your account, you will able to see what methods we will use to contact you.

PARENTS and GUARDIANS PLEASE NOTE: changing that information in Blackboard Connect does NOT change it in our student data system.
Please contact your school to update that information in the PowerSchool system. Blackboard and PowerSchool are occasionally synced with each other; if the information is not up to date in PowerSchool, the information that you place in Blackboard Connect will be written over.
If you have any questions, please contact either rhanlon@sgcsd.net or your school's office.